2020 Candidate Medical Cannabis Survey Data

Updated 10/21/20

Recently we developed a poll for candidates seeking office in the upcoming primaries. We asked them each the following five questions with the answers being either Agree, Disagree, or Undecided.

Q1: Medical cannabis should be available for patients with debilitating conditions when recommended by their physician.

Q2: Patients whose physicians recommend cannabis should be able to legally and safely access all forms of cannabis.

Q3: If elected, I would like to propose and/or sponsor or co-sponsor legislation that would allow South Carolina to join the 33 states that have already legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Q4: Constituents who live within the district for which I am running generally support the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use in South Carolina.

Q5: Taxpayer funds should not be utilized to run public campaigns which disparage the medicinal use of cannabis.

Here is how each candidate responded, we will update this data as more responses continue to trickle in.

House Race Responses

Senate Race Responses

Raw Data

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