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SC Senators Devote Inaugural Political Podcast to Discuss Medical Marijuana

Senators Vincent Sheheen and Joel Lourie kicked off the inaugural episode of their new political podcast, Bourbon in the Back Room, with Senator Tom Davis to discuss the potential of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in South Carolina. The three talk about a variety of aspects surrounding the legislation including various roadblocks and support from unexpected sources. Coming in at just under an hour and a half, this light-hearted and fun podcast is not only entertaining but also especially compelling.

Sine Die, The Budget Debate, and Legislators Come Down for a Drink – Live from Bourbon! – 50th Episode Celebration! Bourbon in The Back Room

Sine Die and the end of session create a fervor of activity at the State's Capital! Vincent and Joel sit down and have a few drinks at Bourbon on Main Street across from the Capitol Building. As Senators and Representatives finish up session, they walk across the street, join in on the drinks, and answer some pressing questions for South Carolina's most informational insider political podcast – Bourbon in the Back Room!Sen. Tom Davis,  Sen. Brian Adams,  Sen. Michael Johnson, Rep. James Smith, Rep. Russell Ott, Rep. Spencer Wetmore, Rep. Beth Bernstein,   Sen. Luke Rankin, Daniel Roberts, James Manning, and more!Get your latest Statehouse update and hear firsthand the rationale behind some of the General Assembly's controversial bills. Join Senators Sheheen and Lourie in this week's episode where they take a deeper look at upcoming legislation and lawmakers' actions in S.C.    
  1. Sine Die, The Budget Debate, and Legislators Come Down for a Drink – Live from Bourbon! – 50th Episode Celebration!
  2. Marijuana Canceled!? – End of Session, The Budget, and Hate Crimes – with Senator Marlon Kimpson
  3. Hate Crime Legislation, Clemson Drag Show Controversy, a New Speaker of the House, and a New Freedom Caucus – With Representative Beth Bernstein
  4. Tuition, Teacher Pay, S.C. Panthers, and Why the Speaker of the House Resigned – with Representative Gary Simrill
  5. The Death Penalty, Medical Marijuana, and UofSC's Floundering Board – LIVE! at the Capital Rotary Club

One reply on “SC Senators Devote Inaugural Political Podcast to Discuss Medical Marijuana”

First and foremost, I have the ultimate respect for Senator Davis and his efforts in regards to medical cannabis. However, his bill has been perverted by LEO influence. He has literally been beaten down by sled and the single most corrupt sheriffs organization in the United States.

The reason for the significant LEO effort against medical cannabis is Civil Asset Forfeiture. Law enforcement harvest between 4 and $7 million a year in Civil Asset Forfeiture ‘s. Approximately 80% of Civil Asset Forfeiture‘s are initiated due to the smell of cannabis.

Hence, the reason sled opposed people smoking hemp which contains the legal form of CBD in this state. Hemp is legal to grow and is legal to extract CBD from in S.C.

Smoking hemp which does give relief to some people was made illegal due to the fact dogs nor LEOs can tell the difference between legal hemp and illegal cannabis.

Tom’s bill is a result of the EXTREME pressure he was under by LEOs. Tom’s bill, S.150 is the single most LEO dominated and restrictive I have seen anywhere. It leaves out groups that would benefit from smoking cannabis flower. First, would be the hundreds of thousands US military veterans with PTSD in SOUTH CAROLINA. SMOKING cannabis flower is the best way for vets to use it. It effects are almost immediate and dosages are easier to judge.

So where are we? The senate is choosing to support LEOs Civil Asset Foreiture program over what is right for vets and others. You ask me how I know that?

We have several senate sessions recorded where Sandy Senn consistently said, “I have to check with my Law Enforcement contacts before I go any farther on this.” Law Enforcement has had direct influence over Tom’s bill though their conduit, Sandy Senn.

There is another Bill far better for S.C. citizens. It is H.3361. It is very similar to Tom’s bill, however smoking cannabis flower is permitted. This is a significantly better bill for Vets, people who suffer from cluster headaches, migraines, depression, etc.

I know it works. I had MILITARY INDUCED PTSD for over 6 years. I was very ill and fortunately through the use of therapy and cannabis flower use I am now better than before my PTSD sent me to hell.

I also own large cannabis farms in Oklahoma, California and just funded to build a 6 million dollar mega farm. I know this subject better than anyone in S.C. including MPP.

I have also pledged not to build or own any cannabis businesses in SC ever. So, I am not doing this for personal interest. I want the state to get it right for everyone.

Please support H.3361.

Thanks for reading and your show. Dan

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