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During A Meth/Fentanyl Epidemic, SC Gears Up To Combat Δ8

Hot on the heels of the Kentucky raids targeting delta 8 products, South Carolina AG Alan Wilson issued a letter of guidance suggesting that Congress did not likely legalize Delta 8 THC in the Farm Bill law. This action potentially affords special operations to commence against gas stations across the Palmetto state – and possible stop and test procedures for citizens suspected of vaping the illicit substance.

Methamphetamine deaths continue to rise across the United States though not outpacing those caused by Fentanyl. South Carolina, strategically situated between Charlotte and Atlanta, continues to be impacted by illicit drug trafficking.

Ultimately, South Carolina residents shouldn’t have to rely on these types of deadly crime operations for their medical marijuana. Those operations could quickly be shut out of competition if our state adopted a well regulated medical cannabis program. Considering the toxic effects of PGRs on illicit cannabis, and the high cost of life, how ethical is the absence of a regulated market for medical marijuana?

*Correction: We incorrectly spelled the Attorney General’s first name with two Ls instead of one on publication, sincerely offer our apologies, and meant no disrespect.

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