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South Carolina and CBD: What the Present Looks Like for the State’s Cannabis Laws

In 2014, the South Carolina General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1035. It allowed the use, selling, and buying of CBD hemp oil as long as the oil itself contained as little as 0.3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD hemp oil is a recognized co-product of hemp-based production, and legally, it has the same status as hemp-based edibles and vaping products. 

On the other hand, high-resin, therapeutic CBD cannabis oil is still a Schedule 1 substance under South Carolina’s federal law. So far, the only CBD product legally available for therapeutic uses in this state is Epidiolex, and only to those who have epilepsy and seizure-related disorders. 

By the end of 2019, about a dozen cannabis legalization bills have been seen by the United States Senate. As it turns out, it is the Senate that chooses to keep medicinal CBD illegal, not the citizens.

According to The State, roughly 72% of South Carolinians are in favor of cannabis use for medical purposes.

In his article published in FITS News, Bill Nettles, former South Carolina attorney, brought some important points to attention that were related to the significance of the availability of medicinal cannabis to those who need it. He emphasized that a “well-crafted medical cannabis bill” could bring health benefits to those suffering from various diseases. 
Nettles, currently devoted to his private practice, serves as a spokesman for Palmetto Medical Cannabis. He states that the legalization of medical cannabis is inevitable. He even took part in pro-medical cannabis debates in the South Carolina Statehouse. The lobbyists spent more than $95,000 to push the agenda.

Moreover, more and more people get educated on the topic, eventually learning about the various benefits of cannabis and its components and terpenes. 

At this moment, as we mentioned, only patients who have epilepsy and seizure disorders can obtain cannabis-based relief. However, once medicinal cannabis gets fully legalized, South Carolina’s population is looking at a vast variety of products that can help people experience less chronic pain, battle specific mental illnesses and disorders, and much more.

In this CBD infographic, you can check many ways of how cannabis and its components help people, and what are some key products enabling relief are.

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