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NFL and Medical Marijuana

The Battle Between Players and the League for Safer Pain Relief Author Note: Research is done for the benefit citizens and the State of South Carolina Introduction This report is written at the request of the commission to understand the values and benefits as well as the struggles that are seen inside the NFL by […]


My Diary Part 2: Introducing Medical Marijuana to a Chronic Pain Sufferer

In this entry, it will show you the “night and day” difference between the same patient (ME ­čÖé ) and using medical marijuana instead of opiates that did NOT work well for me. Instead of starting this diary entry at the evening time like Diary Entry #1 was started, I am able to start this […]

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My Work ( Legalization of Marijuana in South Carolina)

Who Am I? My name is Michael Fogarty. My work towards legalization of marijuana in South Carolina is the focus of my blogging here. I am no one in particular. I am an American citizen living currently in the state of South Carolina. I will write to you my history that has brought me to […]

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My Diary Part 1: Life of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

Day 1 Day one of this diary ┬áof ┬áthe life of a chronic pain sufferer is the beginning of a journey between you and me that we will take together. It will be a journey of understanding, education and hopefully will bring to the forefront some compassion and change to the minds of those that […]

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Hurricane Irma Emergency Information

Here are a couple of websites that will help South Carolinians and their preparations for Hurricane Irma which at this time of writing is still ┬ácategory 5 hurricane with winds sustaining at 175 mph and travelling at 16 mph towards the US coast. The first website to check out is: It is the complete […]