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Why marijuana legalization should be a conservative cause

Medical cannabis is a conservative cause. Some readers may not believe it, but it is true. It is far past time to reemphasize the “good” ideas from some of the “bad” ideas that burden the conservative movement.

NFL and Medical Marijuana

The Battle Between Players and the League for Safer Pain Relief Author Note: Research is done for the benefit citizens and the State of South Carolina Introduction This report is written at the request of the commission to understand the values and benefits as well as the struggles that are seen inside the NFL by…
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First and foremost, I am writing this as an open letter to my family, friends and my brother and sister veterans. I do not claim my PTSD experiences are like anyone else’s. Nor can they be compared. What I do recognize is the complete chaos and total helplessness that PTSD is able to arouse in…
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Cannabis Education in South Carolina

Marijuana in South Carolina isn’t really a new thing, this state enacted marijuana tax stamps after prohibition and even legalized marijuana for medical purposes in the 1980’s. Most recently the state legalized CBD oil in 2014. Currently there is proposed legislation that would afford South Carolina residents up to two and half ounces of medical cannabis every 14…
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Medical Marijuana Good Day

My Diary Part 2: Introducing Medical Marijuana to a Chronic Pain Sufferer

In this entry, it will show you the “night and day” difference between the same patient (ME 🙂 ) and using medical marijuana instead of opiates that did NOT work well for me. Instead of starting this diary entry at the evening time like Diary Entry #1 was started, I am able to start this…
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