Free Medical Cannabis Training

Come join us at Jason’s Deli for a morning of intense and educational training. You will leave with a plethora of knowledge, elevating your message on medical cannabis and tips to create real change at the local, state, and federal levels.

Medical Cannabis Activist Bootcamp

September 25th

Jason’s Deli


Time: 10:30am – 2:30pm

*All programming is designed by qualified grassroots trainers, with over a hundred years of combined grassroots expertise in Grassroots Activism, Education, Communication, and Policy.

Senator Tom Davis, the hardest working man in the history of South Carolina’s potential medical marijuana program, will be attending the event as well!

SC Senator Tom Davis reflects on his work towards medical marijuana.

Presently, the future of any possible program to afford South Carolina residents is on hold until session reconvenes after the new year. In the meantime, North Carolina Native Reservations will soon begin to produce and sell medical marijuana while legislative efforts continue to progress.

If you’re in South Carolina and want to help get comprehensive medical cannabis legislation enacted please reach out to your representatives about the matter. Your direct input combined with other voices in your community can have an affect on our state leaders. This training event will afford information on how to speak to your elected officials so that they know “why” we all could benefit from safe access to medical marijuana.

One reply on “Free Medical Cannabis Training”

I love the idea. I’ve pushed for medical marijuana in South Carolina for years. Sent more emails and messages to our elected officials that go unanswered. Medical marijuana will never happen. To many money hungry dinosaurs in public office. Law enforcement will never agree to it because then they might actually have to go after real criminals. It’s all a racket. South Carolina is a shit stain on the map of America. I lived my first 42yrs of life in South Carolina and spent 19 of those years as a paid emt running 911 calls in the soon to be defunct Anderson county EMS call area. I was awarded with a large lists of medical problems thanks to my public service. I tried to get treatment and help in South Carolina and was force fed every prescription for opiates and psychotropics the doctors could spell. After living as a zombie and losing everything I’d worked for I moved to a medical marijuana friendly state. Now my meds come from the ground. I can grow my own. I don’t need nor do I want big pharma and big brother telling me what’s best for my body. As long as our elected officials continue to drink alcohol and deem it safe I’ll never step foot in SC again. Our elected officials are idiots. Good luck getting anything from South Carolina politicians other than a headache, hard time or smoke blown up your ass. That’s all they’re good for. I can show you all the emails and messages.

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