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North and South Carolina Battle Over Who Can Pass The Most Conservative Pot Bill, And Be First

Most Conservative Medical Cannabis Bill” The Deep South… Whether more concerning than the “deep state” would be stress more easily managed with comprehensive medical cannabis legislation, or not – everything’s kind of up in the air about that right now… Regardless, North and South Carolina kept the fireworks going through July with news breaking headlines.

First, North Carolina showed their sister state to the South that their medical marijuana bill was still fueled by hope and advanced the proposed legislation through committee.

Quick to fire back, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham expressed intent to fully legalize weed, smoking and everything, if citizens afforded him the position next November.

Not to be outdone, the esteemed Governor Henry McMaster publicly acknowledged the benefits medical marijuana could afford to those suffering in his state.

Which afforded the hardest working man in the history of South Carolina’s planned medical marijuana program, Tom Davis, attention for his efforts. Medical Marijuana bill sponsor confident after governor’s comments (

Then, out of left field, Mississippi’s Governor Tate Reeves raised a banner of hope for the citizens in his state by working with state lawmakers to draft a medical cannabis bill after residents there enacted a ballot initiative – which the Supreme Court subsequently shot down.

Vying not to be out-conservatized, North Carolina State Senate Democrat, Wally Nickel, re-iterated how conservative their bill really is.

Which bill is most conservative? We’ll let you review them each and cast your vote below.

Who has the most conservative medical cannabis legislation?

One reply on “North and South Carolina Battle Over Who Can Pass The Most Conservative Pot Bill, And Be First”

South Carolina will never pass marijuana legislation. When your elected officials are morons and dinosaurs it’s not possible for them to understand each other. It’s greed people. Open your eyes. It doesn’t matter how many people this plant that grows naturally can help. MONEY!!! That’s all the politicians and the heads of law enforcement want. All that money and assets seized then sold. I just moved to another state. I’m tired of trying to talk to South Carolina Elected Officials. They’re fucking idiots. Ask how the first responder bill is coming along. It’s all a joke. South Carolina is a joke. The only time South Carolina scores high is in fucking up royally, shitty school scores, and a ridiculous increase in crime. South Carolina will always be the last to do anything if they do anything at all. I can go on and on. But it’s all just useless words just as it always is.

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