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SC Senator Tom Davis Calls Down The Thunder For Medical Marijuana

Approximately four minutes and twenty seconds into yesterday’s late-morning press conference held under the capitol building rotunda, South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis took to the podium and delivered a signature speech which leaves no room for doubt that the draconian laws of the state he represents are keeping his constitutes in the figurative stone-age.

Let me start out with a couple of truths. First of all, there is no longer any debate about whether or not cannabis, or marijuana, can be of medicinal benefit. That’s an argument that has been put to bed.

South Carolina Senator Tom Davis

Presently, South Carolina is one of only fourteen states left that does not afford safe access to medical marijuana for its residents. This means patients have to risk arrest and incarceration for trying to access a plant that is sold recreationally in fifteen states currently, including even in public vending machines.

With such a disparity of accessibility, Senator Davis makes it poignantly clear that prohibiting safe access to laboratory-tested medical marijuana products is an unfair punishment imposed on the residents of the state in which they live. Davis reminds the audience that marijuana prohibition is, and always has been, solely a policy of racist discrimination.

Supporting the injustice of prohibiting medical access to marijuana far into the twenty-first century only further adds to the disparity in a time when our nation needs to experience healing. Contact your representative today and ask them to stand with Senator Davis and help bring South Carolina into the modern era.

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