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Does South Carolina Have Medical Marijuana?

Does South Carolina Have Medical Cannabis? Currently, South Carolina affords safe access for its’ citizens to a complete range of cannabidiol based derivatives, it allows for the cultivation of hemp, yet still does not foster a program for growing marijuana, cultivating it for medical purposes, or ensuring patient availability or affordability.

Is Marijuana Decriminalized In SC?

Presently, South Carolina still considers marijuana possession a misdemeanor offense that will result in an arrest and detainment at a local jail. Further, South Carolina residents often (not always) harbor outdated stigmas associated with marijuana and its consumption.

Do South Carolinians Want Medical Marijuana?

Recently, a poll conducted by South Carolina Senator Tom Davis demonstrates that a large majority of South Carolina residents support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

Will Medical Marijuana be Available in South Carolina In 2022?

The most recent initiative to enact a medical marijuana program in South Carolina met with challenges that, while not unsurmountable, were a bridge just too far for key members of South Carolina’s legislative body to move forward with this year.

S150 would have enacted mechanisms for cultivating marijuana and distributing it to the sickest of patients, though several concessions were applied along the way. An especially limited list of qualifying conditions, prohibited access to smokable flower, and obfuscation of strain information were among the chief complaints lodged by advocates fighting for this particular bill. Still, those same advocates showed up in droves to speak out on behalf of S150 this year despite its limited spectrum of reform.

Why Was S150 Unsuccessful?

After being approved by the Senate, S150 moved back to the House for amendments and further debate. It was there that the bills constitutionality was challenged based on how it generated revenue to pay for the program, a detail which some argued should have originated from the House – not the Senate.

Senator Davis, who primarily authored S150, then attempted to attach the proposal to pharmacy bill S682 which mentioned the medical marijuana program in regard to how it participated in it (S150 would have utilized pharmacists and pharmacies instead of traditional budtenders and dispensaries). Ultimately however, the maneuver was unsuccessful and S150 was shelved for yet another year.

Will South Carolina Have Medical Marijuana By 2023?

Does South Carolina have medical cannabis? Not yet, but advocates are planning ahead to next year and contacting their representatives to stress urgency for swift adoption of a medical marijuana program. Those with serious debilitations will have to either suffer patiently, or ultimately move out of state to become medical marijuana refugees if South Carolina lawmakers continue to be unsuccessful at achieving legislative reform on this issue.

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If the idiot dinosaurs destroying the state of South Carolina gave half a fuck about the citizens they represent this wouldn’t be a issue. Welcome to SC. You can’t use this plant but we’ll prescribe you all the opiates you can ingest, all the alcohol you can pour down your throat and more tobacco than the world can consume. SC politicians do not care about you. It’s 2022. SC is 20yrs behind the rest of the USA. It’ll never change. Been arguing and fighting this fight for over 6yrs. Move. We did. In SC I’m a criminal. Here I’m just Shane using cannabis prescribed by a MD. And they call these the United States. United in what? Fire every elected official in South Carolina. Good ol boy politics clearly ain’t cuttin it. Ya think? Asshole politicians. Go have a drink 🥃

U got that right. Just good old boys out of touch with you,me and everyone that isn’t feeding there pockets. No medical cannabis for the SC citizens. It’s almost want u to move out of state. They just don’t care.

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