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Is the SC State Legislature FINALLY Ready to Approve Medical Marijuana?

2023 will be a different year for certain. Against a recent evolution of the national political landscape, South Carolina voters somewhat dramatically overhauled its upcoming state legislative session with fresh alumni. The question is, however, do the freshmen lawmakers have medical cannabis in their sites – and is that a good thing?

SC Lawmakers Tour Medical Cannabis Grow

On December 12th, 2022, SC Compassionate Care Alliance, assisted by Carolina Dream, sponsored the annual grow op tour for South Carolina lawmakers in Maryland. Of course, that would mean jobs, and jobs is an issue of serious discussion in South Carolina. Will this be the final year of touring, will The Compassionate Care Act (Formerly S150) finally pass in 2023?

SC Political Landscape

South Carolina, though diverse, is predominantly Republican. And despite the irony that the proposed legislation to enact a medical marijuana program in South Carolina has been authored primarily by a Republican, his efforts have garnered the wrong kind of attention from those with differing points of view.

The House Freedom Caucus is hard to peg down regarding marijuana. On the one hand, the above evidence from South Carolina seems to indicate a position against the initiative, as does reporting from Illinois and Wyoming, but examples from Idaho and nationally makes us ponder about what actually held them back.

Regardless, now is the time to find out exactly who your state Representatives and Senators are next year – and try getting to know them! South Carolina Legislature Online – Find Your Legislators (

If you are concerned about where Medical Cannabis is going in South Carolina and Nationwide, be sure you’re registered to vote and contact your state and local lawmakers. It’s only your voice that can impact how they feel about this particularly important issue. South Carolina Cannabis News & Voter Registration | Cannabis Voter Project

3 replies on “Is the SC State Legislature FINALLY Ready to Approve Medical Marijuana?”

Same alcohol fueled cigarette smoke South Carolina law makers have been blowing up the citizens of South Carolinias ass for years. It’ll never happen. You can get an industrial size bottle of liquor on every corner but not a plant that can combat illness and save lives. Seems like it’s be a no brainer. Sadly the ones making the decisions have no brains. So once again. Whose the one getting screwed? South Carolinians. Move to a legal state. South Carolina will never pass common sense life sustaining/saving marijuana legislation.


I fully support the SC Compassionate Care Act for so many reasons: 1) It’s personal to me as I have a qualifying condition 2) it will help a vast number of patients in this state 3) the scientific studies prove it works.

You cannot compare the sale of alcohol. This is an approved substance which brings in a great deal of revenue in taxes. More importantly, if you suddenly ceased the sale of alcohol – the result would be disastrous and devastating. Those addicted to alcohol, would not have access to alcohol or proper care. In this case, you cannot go “cold turkey”. It endangers the life of the alcoholic. That’s why ABC stores remained open during the pandemic. This state has scant resources to treat substance abuse. In fact, it’s borderline malpractice perpetuates generations of patterns of behavior and shame.

I am in NO way implying medical cannabis is addictive. It is much needed option. As citizens of this state, we should have the right to choose the treatment plan in our best interest.

Additionally, I have lost friends and family to the overdose epidemic created by the sale of opioids — blame the almighty dollar, Perdue Pharma and the Slackler family. Furthermore, opioids, contribute to liver and kidney damage.

The gateway drug isn’t marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes – it’s lack of education, lack of funding, lack of support and so much more. It’s systemic.

We must illuminate the humanity of the patients. Their families. The toll it will take on lost lives by not taking action. The suffering. One by one with one voice.

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