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South Carolina Senators Share Personal Points of Interest About Medical Marijuana

Several South Carolina Senators raised personal points of interest about the SC Compassionate Care Act, proposed to bring medical cannabis to their constituents.

Senator Tom Davis led the momentum to speak up about the potential that this bill may not pass during the current legislative session. Davis argued that the bill is wholly vetted after eight years of public testimony and committee meetings. He also stressed that people in South Carolina are dying and in pain when medical cannabis can be more effective and less deadly than opioid drugs.

We’re going to be the 50th state to authorize this and in the meantime, we have people who are taking opioids for things that they could have relief from medical cannabis. We have individuals with neurological disorders, we have people that have Crohn’s disease, people who have real maladies for which there is empirical peer-reviewed science saying this can help and we’re telling doctors no.

SC Senator Tom Davis

4 replies on “South Carolina Senators Share Personal Points of Interest About Medical Marijuana”

8 years! I wonder how many more years will pass and how many more South Carolinians will die waiting on lawmakers to pass common sense medicinal marijuana legislation. 8 more? Excellent work. Fill up on opiates and alcohol. Both are readily available on any street corner. Legally!!! Just don’t dare use this plant.

Totally agree with you. According to my husbands eye
Doctor, he would be blind from glaucoma if he didn’t use it twice a day. Drops do not work!. His Doctor supports the Bill and hopes it gets passed.

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