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SC Senators Foreshadow Debate in the Heart of The Last Holdout for Marijuana Prohibition

Thursday, January 27th, 2022, South Carolina Senators began preparing for a floor debate in the midst of the introduction for S150. The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act will afford residents safe access to medical marijuana derivatives in a tightly regulated market. Opponents of the bill are concerned about availability due to low taxes, being able to draw blood to test for marijuana during field sobriety tests, and the fear that a medical marijuana program will result in a black market of contraband product.

South Carolina may truly be the last holdout of prohibition, as this clip suggestively demonstrates.

Watch this playlist for future clips from the Senate debate on S150, the South Carolina Compassionate Care Act, and see what future if any medical marijuana has in the state.

2 replies on “SC Senators Foreshadow Debate in the Heart of The Last Holdout for Marijuana Prohibition”

South Carolinians have a better chance of seeing god than asshole elected officials doing anything to help South Carolina citizens. Move to another state. Trust me.

SC needs to get with the program and help patients who need this fantastic proven alternative to synthetic drugs. 36 other states are making it work, creating jobs and building better roads, schools etc. with the taxes from cannabis. SC needs to get with the times it’s 2022;make the right call!

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