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South Carolina Veterans Plea for Lawmakers to Allow Access

On Tuesday, February 1st 2022 a group of South Carolina veterans made a plea for lawmakers to pass S150 the Compassionate Care Act. Several reasons were cited including improved quality of life, diminished effects of post-traumatic stress, and prevention of future veteran suicides. Watch the press conference below and let your lawmakers know how important it is to pass S150 and put an end to our veterans suffering.

WACH channel 57 reported on the event here.

5 replies on “South Carolina Veterans Plea for Lawmakers to Allow Access”

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” No politician should control that right of another human beings life. These men & women have earned the right to live in a free country!

I’m a veteran of the cold war, I’m a 2time cancer survivor. I’ve survived a horrific car crash that’s left me in chronic pain for the last 30 yrs. The treatment from Doctors has only made things worse at times. Please help us! We need this CCA passed. Thank you

South Carolina Law makers give two less fucks for you than you give for them. If they cared this wouldn’t be a issue. It’s a government created problem. It’s a plant that grows naturally. Wake the fuck up you damn retards. How do you asshole politicians sleep at night? Oh yea, ALCOHOL!!!! Way to go Brandon.

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